Snatcher MSX2 Version

I’ve been taking the MSX2 version of Snatcher for a whirl. I’m not sure if I would have became a Snatcher fan if this was the game I would have played to start me off in the series. The little music beats are alright, I’m not really a fan of it…I’m wondering if it is better on the PC-Engine version of the game. The noise that plays when characters are supposed to talk is annoying and as far as I am aware there is no way to turn it off. Text dumps itself on the screen in a stream, so it would be pretty hard to do anything other than a video LP of the game, and I can’t find a good emulator for it either. The one I have been using runs painfully slow. Other than that, the games are similar, with minor differences in the MSX2 version (such as Gillian Seed having the option to stare at boobs). Right now I’m about at the scene where Gillian heads to the factory after Jean. I’ll update soon on it.

The retro looking graphics are a little appealing to me.

~ by Carlos on August 7, 2009.

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