Imprisoned Again

My journey in Dragon Quest VIII has led me to being imprisoned. As I sat in the cell and talked to my party members who were trapped with me I began to think about how imprisonment is such a common video game plot line. Right off my head Dragon Quest V comes to mind, being enslaved for years, and I seem to recall also being kept imprisoned near the place where you changed job classes in Dragon Quest VII. Final Fantasy also loves imprisonment plot lines with the Via Purifico in Final Fantasy X and being locked inside the Shinra building in Final Fantasy VII. Thinking outside of the RPG genre, Metal Gear Solid comes to mind, with Solid Snake sitting as a duck waiting to either be tortured or to jail break from his cell.

I think the plot line works sometimes to add a bit of drama and change to games that you are used roaming free in. The game takes away your ability to roam and you find yourself trapped. The lack of power honestly makes me a little claustrophobic. Though I suppose in a 100+ hour quest, they are going to put whatever they can into a story. Although, It seems a little lazy to me for them to rehash the same old plot and leave me feeling deja vu from one game to the next.


~ by Carlos on May 20, 2009.

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