Dragon Quest VIII: Will This Quest Ever End?

DQVIII cover

After renting the game dozens of times and always managing to ignore it and run out of time, I finally caved and bought Dragon Quest VIII at the cheap price of ten dollars. If I would have just bought it early on I might have saved myself the occasional eight dollars that I spent every few weeks renting from Hollywood Video. Now I really want to just sit through it and finally beat this game.

I currently am helping a snobby prince named Prince Charmles be admitted to the kingdom. It’s been a hassle, but I hope the rewards will be worth it once I have helped him go fight lizards.


~ by Carlos on May 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “Dragon Quest VIII: Will This Quest Ever End?”

  1. DQVII is one long game but people that have finished it have said it’s been worth all the effort and hours they put in.

    I’m currently playing another PS2 game that I kept putting off, Okami. I wonder if I’ll finish it though, the story isn’t that great so far.

    • Yeah it’s been pretty fun, I just space in and out of it.

      As for Okami, I rented it once and I did not find it too be that fun. It ended up back at Hollywood Video after I left it lying around for some time.

  2. Hey, it’s been a while. How’s your progress coming along on DQVIII? I managed to finish it quite speedily in about 2 weeks.

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