EGM’s End

I like, most of the people on 1up, am going to be really sad to see EGM die and disappear. All the issues I own, are like treasures to me, that I pick up and read anytime. Just looking to my right I can see Bioshock on the cover of a July 2007 issue that I have. In my closet, there’s about 100 something issues that I refuse to throw away despite my parents repeated complaints that they are just taking up space (in my room at that).

As you may have read on here before, I once wanted to be an EGM journalist. I’d read all about it in the issues and on Shoe’s 1up page. Even today, sometimes I think about it, though I am currently taking a completely different direction in my life pursuing the life of a businessman instead. Print media, may be as some are saying a dying form of media, but I think it’s a necessary medium. You don’t want to always read things online, sometimes things online are not reputable, and the chances of you successfully ever reading anything completely are highly unlikely online compared to taking a magazine with you on long rides to school, during class while you should be listening to your teacher, or on flights from Florida to California.

I hope one day EGM comes back, full and strong, I hope one day someone can do it right and that the market will be good again. Even though it will never be the same without the extremely talented journalists that I followed for quite some time. Journalists such as Shoe, Crispin, Jennifer Tsao, Seanbaby, Shane Bettenhausen, John Ricciardi, Bryan Intihar, Greg Ford, and many more. Those journalists have been slowly disappearing in the past few months or years, moving on to new places, maybe a sign that things were coming to an end.

I want to thank EGM and everyone involved for all the good times, for keeping me company on all those times as a kid and teenager. You’ll never be forgotten.

The only version I could find of the former staff.


~ by Carlos on January 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “EGM’s End”

  1. This is a sad day indeed. EGM was easily the best gaming mag out there.

  2. Agreed, hands down. I’ve seen the others come and go, but I never thought that EGM would one day disappear.

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