Let’s Play Sweet Home (Part I)

This is my first Let’s Play, so please don’t be too hard on me. I basically want to prepare this before I post it on Talking Time’s Let’s Play forum, plus I’d like my readers to get involved as well. Sweet Home is a classic horror game, often being cited as being an influence of Resident Evil. I’ll add my own creativity to the game as we play through it to make my play through more unique. The game is pretty creepy and has some mature themes for a NES game, clearly explaining why it never came to the United States until a fan-translation was created. Let’s Play Sweet Home!

Ability: lighting things on fire, seems almost ironic

Ability: healing the wounded

Ability: taking photographs that make pictures come to life

Ability: vacuuming floors

Ability: opening locked doors

All the names I have selected are actual members of the Talking Time message boards, they’re people whose posts I enjoy reading, so I thought I’d include them in this play through.

The talking tyrants approach a mansion in search of frescos.

The Tyrants inside the mansion, ready to find the goodies.

And then all of the sudden…

Holy crap, rocks just fell out of nowhere.

Rei wants to go home.

We really have to report this rock-sliding issue to the owner, good thing she came just in time.

Oh we get it. Where are the hidden cameras?


~ by Carlos on November 14, 2008.

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