The Pressures of Video Game Journalism and Shoe/Crispin Boyer’s Blog

I caught up on Shoe and Crispin Boyer’s blog, SoreThumbs, over the weekend. I
think it’s one of the most interesting blogs you can catch for inside
info on the game industry from people who have actually lived through
it. I remember just seeing Shoe and Crispin’s faces or names
throughout all my old issues of EGM, while going on a family road trip
or riding the school bus home in middle school.

Blogs are so much more personal than a magazine though, and to have
one of them actually reply to me, is just something I never really
thought would really happen unless I wrote a letter to EGM or
something (which I contemplated doing sometimes, but usually decided
against because I didn’t feel I had anything funny or witty enough to
feel that I belonged to be in EGM’s letters section, also they’re
smartass responses scared me…haha).

Lately they’ve been discussing how game companies try to buy off
journalists by throwing them free stuff, or offering
traffic/advertising/first lifts off embargos to publications. I was
surprised to read that they have accepted some small gifts before,
because to me, EGM is the level of highest reputation when it comes to
writing about video games. If I was trying to decide whether to buy a
game or not, EGM was usually my first pick on who to listen to when
reading reviews.

EGM also had personality, I think that’s what really made it
different from other magazines. Some magazines created personality
through roles, but EGM created personality through writing styles of
their journalists. That was one thing I really enjoyed. Anyway back on topic…

I got a little confused about whether it was okay to take some free
stuff from companies and still keep good integrity, but Shoe himself
to my question
and said the best journalist wouldn’t accept
anything at all. Imagine how hard that would be? If someone threw
tickets to the World Series to me, I probably wouldn’t accept, but I’d
probably also somewhat regret never taking it. Not many people get to
go to that…especially for free.

Some things that would probably suck to
miss out on for free

[1] Free trip to the Caribbean or
Hawaii. My family always goes without me. =[

 [2] A Lamborghini. No journalists
pay can probably afford this, my friend once tell me you wouldn’t
believe the women that will be with a guy just for his car. (shallow,
i know)

If I ever do become a journalist though (which right now is pretty
much open since I have no real clue what I’m going to be when I finish
college), then I really have to think about what it would take, and I
think integrity is really important so I would have to think about the
best way to keep a clean record.

Good thing I have Shoe and
Crispin’s blog
to keep informing me, though.


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~ by Carlos on September 29, 2008.

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