Yakuza 2 and the Return to Gaming

So I haven’t been here in forever. Over the summer my gaming reached
an all time high, my backloggery saw plenty of finished games, and my
blogging on gaming and participation in the gaming community was
pretty high. Then, one night I was playing through Final Fantasy IX
(my second time trying to go through after my first save went MIA),
the game crashed on me on disc three, after over thirty hours of
gameplay. I got super frustrated.

Suddenly all my interest in video games began to wane. I stopped
checking the websites, I stopped playing on my P.C. and then about two
months would pass before I would even touch another video game again…

Enter Yakuza 2

Yakuza 2 Wallpaper Minimized

A game on my list of games I’ve been waiting for, Yakuza 2 was
finally released. After some hunting at Hollywood Video, I finally
picked it up and gave it a whirl. I found myself enjoying my time
with it and before I knew it looking for somewhere to discuss it. I
made my way back to Talking Time, and eventually started reading
blog sites, such as SoreThumbs by Shoe and Crispin Boyer, once again.

I’ve seen pictures of Club Sega before and always wanted to go there.
The accuracy of this game gave me at least a clue of what it’s like.

Walking around the city in that suit looking all fly. It’s awesome.

I love the city lights. Makes me miss my old city life in San
Francisco some.

The packed market stores remind me of Mission Street shops in San
Francisco as well, minus the Mexican people.

The gameplay is solid, a good upgrade to the first game, and the
random battles feel like they give you more variety and freedom in the
sequel. The battle system has also been upgraded and it feels like
less a beat’em up game and more like an actual fighting game. The
QTE concept is reminiscent of Shenmue, and I often feel nostalgia
for Shenmue while playing Yakuza 2. If only Ryo Hazuki had been this
cool though, maybe he would have been if we got to see him keep
following after his father. Ryo was too much of a nice guy for me.

That has gotta hurt.

The new battle system allows you more freedom when fighting on
multiple enemies. You can also link up with others, which I found to
be pretty cool.

Beating enemies to a pulp is more fun then ever, especially with
items. It reminds me of the special scenes you get when you defeat
enemies quickly in Shinobi for the PS2.

In conclusion, check out Yakuza 2, even if you haven’t played the
first one. They have a recap for you much like Shenmue 2 did for the
first, and you can get by pretty easily with the storyline since
many major characters were eliminated in the first game anyway. This
series has plenty of potential with the 3rd installment and spinoff
on the way and it needs support to make it here to the USA, so at
least try it out. We don’t want to have another Shenmue incident and
be left with a crappy conclusion to a good series.


~ by Carlos on September 28, 2008.

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