Game Play Update

What I’ve been playing lately:


EarthBound: For some reason, I thought I had already played and hated this game, but when I noticed a big discussion in the Talking Time Fun Cub for it, I looked into it some more and realized that I have never played or really heard of this game. This shouldn’t come as a real shock since I skipped the Super Nintendo era in my Nintendo upbringing, and didn’t even care for the RPG genre until 2001 when I received Final Fantasy X in return for straight As in school. Anyway, I’ve really been enjoying it, but I’m taking my time through it so I don’t get RPG sickness two-thirds of the way through like I do in just about every RPG I play. Check out Tomm’s Gamespite article on Earthbound for a nice read on it.

Also, I don’t know why, but this theme is addicting to me.

Final Fantasy IX: I started this game over again, after my save mysteriously disappeared on Disc Three. The game has its moments, but ultimately I dislike ATB systems and the plot is only mildly intriguing to me. Princess Garnet also pisses me off when she ignores my commands, there is nothing more that I hate in an RPG than not having control over my characters. Vivi is a favorite and I really like it when he trips and falls on the floor.

Sweet Home: I beat this game about a week or two ago, and the game actually gets a little scary when you play at three in the morning. I’ll be doing a Let’s Play of it soon, so I won’t go too much into it here.


~ by Carlos on August 6, 2008.

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