Around The Internet: The Backloggery

Backlogs are a fact of every gamers life. We have tons of games that we play and want to beat, games that we will probably never find enough time or interest in to accomplish beating them all. Whether it’s an RPG that takes over a hundred hours to beat (with plenty of grinding as a factor) or an action game that requires you to learn the levels layout before you can progress without fail, games stump us and are often left incomplete.

The Backloggery gives gamers a chance to make a record of all the games they want to beat and keep track of their progress in completing this commitment. Your games are separated based on whether you have beat, completed, or unfinished a game. You can then go to that game’s page and view others progress, and add other gamers as your friends, comparing your accomplishments against theirs. One of the bad byproducts that can come with this is becoming too focused on beating games, your first priority in a game should be to have fun, not to slave yourself into beating every game you own.

You can add my backloggery here.


~ by Carlos on August 6, 2008.

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