Favoriting Video Games

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how often as gamers, a thing we are
often asked is what our favorite games are. Perhaps someone asks you
what your favorite Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest is, or what your top
ten games of all time are. The thing is, can we legitimately answer
these types of questions?

How you come to make games your favorites is all relative to you.
I started the Final Fantasy series all the way on X, and ultimately
that is what brought me into the RPG universe. I followed up with
Final Fantasy VII. So you could see why, as a fan, I might say that X
and VII are my favorites, though people who have probably have started
from the beginning love Final Fantasy for its mechanics and
innovations and see Final Fantasy in a whole different scope than I
ever will. Final Fantasy VII might not live up against other RPGs, but
for me it will probably still be an important game for many years to
come. Even if I travel back to the earlier Final Fantasy games, to
me they will always seem archaic and pretty much sapped of fun. Even
as developers re-release titles, if they preserve what the games
were really about, I may never come to appreciate older Final Fantasy games.

Recently I’ve been playing through Dragon Quest IV and I believe it
has become of my favorites in the series perhaps passing my previous
love for Dragon Quest VII. Though that seems to defeat the logic I
just explained, the truth is, early Final Fantasy gamess were very
punishing, while the series became progressively easier in titles such
as Final Fantasy X, while Dragon Quest maintains plenty of difficulty
and level grinding in every game, the only thing that majorly changes
is the localization and the storylines in each game, at least until
Dragon Quest VIII came along with a graphical update and new interface.

Some games I may have come to enjoy because of the obscurity they
have been thrown in. Sure, Shenmue is a fun game, but would it be as
fun if Ryo Hazuki had already been on five or six adventures in
China, I can’t really be sure. Hoping for a conclusion to the
storyline and watching as that is ignored for years and years, may
have made the series more than it would have ever been if Sega just
completed already.

So what I’m getting at is, is favoriting games really a fair thing
to do? Especially judging people for their favorites? With everyone
having different experiences and taste, people should really take
lists of best games less personal, and see that its going to be
different for every gamer, even if you have the same games as other
people on your list, your reasons may not even be relatively close at all.


~ by Carlos on July 27, 2008.

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