Blogs and Death

I know it may be a creepy topic to discuss, but sometimes people run blogs and sadly their blogs outlive them. Once they’re gone, it just sits there un-updated while people browse the blog of someone who was once breathing and typing. This recently occured when one of my first 1up friends, Christian or Ryo Hazuki, recently died, leaving his 1up page and blogs behind and his siblings who are also members. 1up labeling people as your “friends” makes it seem like you should be on top of that, you should be messaging each other and keeping in touch, but that isn’t really the case on 1up. People just make connections and leave it at that.

You might read their blog once in awhile, but 1up is usually too slow and buggy to keep you around for long. I remembered that he used to comment my 1up blogs, so I scrolled back and looked for some posts that he had made, but couldn’t find any. When I finally stopped looking, he ironically showed up in one of my blog comment boxes, about the death of Tomoharu Saito, a character designer for Segagaga, saying that he should Rest In Peace.

This all got me thinking about my own blogs, and how I usually neglect them for a long time before I get some creative inspiration and decide to come back, and I decided that I should update more consistently and try to keep in touch with the people that I call my “friends” in the event that they should pass on someday. It also got me thinking about how a blog just sits there once someone dies, would anyone ever actually leave something in a will that tells someone to let people know that they die if that should happen, what if no one were to even notice that someone was gone.


~ by Carlos on July 13, 2008.

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