Finally Back

I’ve been trying to log into this blog for awhile now. I forgot the password and I couldn’t find the e-mail that I signed up with. What happened was that e-mail address was shut down because I had not logged in, but finally I got it re-activated and was able to get a new password for this site.

I’ve been wanting to use this site, because I currently have a WordPress blog hosted elsewhere on a space given to me by a very kind lady, however in the event that her site should go under I want to have a backup and thus comes in Sunrise Blvd. I actually like the layout of this blog much better, I haven’t been able to implement very nice layouts on my WordPress site over there. Which is located here, in case you are wondering.

Anyway, lately I’ve been poking around message boards, It’s a bad habit I just developed this summer. I’ve been watching Sonic-X, which is a pretty awesome anime. I’m trying to not do my usual watch an entire season in one week thing, so I can focus on other things like being productive and enjoying summer.

I’m starting to really get back into wanting to be in the Game Industry someday, so I’ve been reading up on it every time I go to the bookstore (those books are like $50, there’s no way I’m buying them right now).

Yesterday I played Mario Kart Wii for the first time. It was pretty awesome, some of the levels are exactly like the ones in Mario Kart 64, so I found that to be neat. I looked so retarded in Gamestop, because I sat there for like three minutes trying to figure out how to play on my own, before I decided to look at the instructions next to the television. Once I read them I totally rocked, I achieved first place right away. Yoshi is the king of racing games.

Look for new posts, now that I got this site back up. I’ll be transferring posts from other places, so don’t be surprised at the posts that will come behind this one.


~ by Carlos on June 27, 2008.

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