Lunar: Eternal Blue Is Quite Unforgiving

Why do I feel like I’m going through hell? Maybe because I am.

I just spent many hours in a dumb haunted house. Though I appreciate the developers attempts to make the magic seem more important by forcing players to use specific characters magic in battle to disable enemies before attack, the increase into battle time this added was very, very painful. I wanted to just walk away while I waited for Hiro’s Wind magic to take place or Jean’s dancing magic to take effect.

Welcome to hell.
Welcome to your worst nightmare. If only there weren’t so many rooms…

That's fugly

I get annoyed with Lucia. She reminds me of Princess Garnet from Final Fantasy IX. Completely out of your control and at times useless. I hate not being able to control my characters, especially in RPG’s where it is so essential. It tends to be the powerful ones as well, Garnet with her summons and Lucia with her magic.

And hours pass…


I think of it as bad game design for the developers to throw you into a difficult boss battle without warning you that it’s coming, not even providing a healing point ahead of the battle. Not to mention, your party members lose HP/MP traveling up the cave to fight this boss, then have to fight this boss, AND travel back down without any real healing, with eventually crashing MP levels.

Once I beat the boss, I thought I was quite lucky to make it out of the whole section alive, but then I come out to the overworld utterly confused on where to go. I like to explore…as long as I don’t feel lost. I felt so lost while wandering around here, not to mention with low MP levels, I think almost all my characters had 1 MP by the time I finally reached Nota. Maybe this is why Lunar doesn’t have so much attention brought to it, the game is torture.

Yay it wasn’t all for nothing.

~ by Carlos on May 27, 2008.

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