Gaming Company Woes

I’m very worried about the future of my favorite game companies.

SEGA reported $501 million dollars of losses in the 2007 fiscal year. The company has been on a slump for quite awhile, and as a long-time fan of the games that have produced by the company, I really am wondering whether the company will ever make a real turn around. When is a new hit Sonic the Hedgehog that is worthwhile going to appear? Nights 2 didn’t make any buzz at all from what I saw. I’m still waiting to play it.

I just hope they make a comeback at some point, get it together, realize how to correctly use their franchises and stop puking out these horrible new versions of games. The other day I was watching some YouTube videos of Sonic Adventure and I remember how awesome it was when I first got my hands on that game when I got my SEGA Dreamcast way back in ’99. I haven’t liked a Sonic title since that version.

With losses like this, I better never even hope to see the light of day of some my still uncompleted game series.

In other news, Square-Enix has reported losses in the United States of America in the last fiscal year, down 51% from last year. That’s quite a big number, but let’s not forget that all Square-Enix has really been doing lately is re-releasing games that are old news. I’ve already played Final Fantasy I on my NES, Playstation, Neo Geo Pocket Color, PSP, seriously I don’t care to play the game again, especially at $30 retail price. Gamers in the USA will shell out the money for a new Final Fantasy, but the whole remake/rehash tactic of theirs is getting so old, and though I’m not an expert and I can’t say that this is really why they are experiencing such losses, maybe it’s time for them to take some looks at the development and start making NEW games.

~ by Carlos on May 27, 2008.

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