Final Fantasy XII First Impressions

I just picked up Final Fantasy XII last night and took it for a spin all night. The graphics are stunning as usual, the music is okay, though I am sure I will addicted to it soon enough. The dungeons are so huge, I kept wondering when I was finally going to get out of them. The difference between it and other Final Fantasy installments is so obvious that I found it disturbing at first. The whole prisoner thing sucks! It has many similarities to countless RPG’s I have played in the past and I am thinking up a few posts analyzing that. Have to get back to it…

~ by Carlos on November 5, 2006.

2 Responses to “Final Fantasy XII First Impressions”

  1. how far did u get in the game?
    i just started a few months ago and am going into Old Archades.:)

  2. I got about 20 hours in I think. I went to some desert where there’s like a phoenix bird you have to fight and then I decided I didn’t really like FFXII and returned it.

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